Located in the mountainous part of Azerbaijan, Ismayilli region, and surrounded by scenic forests Basqal Resort & Spa is a perfect family resort for families with children of all ages. 


Situated 150 kilometers away from the capital city Baku at an altitude of 1081 meters above sea level, the area of Basqal Resort & Spa is surrounded by Shahdagh National park, natural State Reserves, and ancient historical monuments. There is so much to uncover in the Ismailli district for any kind of traveler: from hiking & trekking to visits to nearby wineries and much more.
The ancient area of Basqal has been known since the fourth century. It used to belong to the Albanian state. Rich with historical culture and famous with its castles and mosques, the area of Basqal is impregnated with incredible energy. 

The southeast of Basqal is rich with ancient and medieval monuments and was an ancient human settlement. Today Basqal is the State Historical and Cultural Reserve.
From ancient times, Basqal has been the center of the art of silk weaving. In 2014, the art of kelagai of Azerbaijan was included in the list of the intangible cultural heritage of the world by UNESCO.